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Saturday, April 10, 2010

PIPO (ang batang pro)

Pipo (Ang Batang Pro), a film about hustlers (hence the word “pro” which means “prostitute” or “professional sex worker”), is directed by Alejandro “Bong” Ramos (Butas). Supporting cast includes Michelle Estevez, Mystica, Karle Estrada and Lorraine Lopez. The first daring role of Tyrone Perez was a macho dancer in the sexy drama “Twilight Dancers” in 2006. The Starstruck talent is now back in another sexy role, this time as a male prostitute.
watch out for the full movie here in my blog. im currently uploading it now and soon to be published here. so for those who didnt see the movie yet .. its your time to see this movie here only in my blog... ^_^

                                                                starring: Tyron perez

and Marco Morales
Watch out for the full movie here.. absolutely free for you guyz.... ^_^

you can grab your own copy too...

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